What are stackers?

Stackers are walk-behind hand pallet trucks that is used to lift pallets high. That means you don’t push stackers but rather pull them along with you. Stackers come in many different types that are suited to varied types of applications.

Stackers can either be manual or powered. If you have a warehouse, you may use stackers to lift pallets where forklifts are not required. This could be in small warehouses, store rooms, and specialized warehousing sections where space is limited. They may also act as complementary equipment for forklifts.

You may want to use stackers for small-capacity items moved around the warehouse or factory floor for not more than five hours a day. They have small wheels, which makes them good for use indoors. Thus, you should use these facilities on flat concrete floors. If you want, you can instruct the factory where they are manufactured to make them with bigger wheels.

There are different types of stackers you will find from One Stop Handling. They include the following:

· Straddle stackers which have legs that allow them to straddle a pallet.

· Reach stackers which have the ability to move the load away from their body.

· Ride-on stackers where the operator can ride.

· Counter-balance stackers which help distribute weight using counter-balance weights.

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